Here goes!

First post, feel like I have to write something meaningful and deep. Actually sitting in bed with the radio on, a second empty coffee cup by my side, looking out on autumn sunshine thinking I need to get up and DO things, get out into that air and live, rather than sit here and examine my navel.

But, but, I also feel quite strongly that I need to ‘be’, to give myself permission to just exist. Beeen doing some (too much?) self analysis lately and actually found a few exciting things to work on, things that can help me to get my life into a better place than it has been.

Even writing that makes the tears prickle at the back of my eyes. Why? Because it matters, I matter and it is important that I release the butterfly inside instead of keeping a whole army of caterpillars inside! Taken me a long while to feel that I am worth it, that I deserve it ( fought the urge to write ‘might’ deserve it, see what I mean?).

I do wonder if there is anyone out there who will read this – do I want anyone to? Am I ready for that? If so, please be kind, I’m quite fragile right now.over and out.


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