Who am I talking to?

Who do I actually think might read this? It’s a very good question- I started this blog about a month ago, on a whim, feeling I might just have stumbled on something that is ‘me’ – and I think it is!

Still very much finding my feet, finding out about the world of bloggers (such a lot of us, such variety!) but also getting enjoyment out of some of my ill-disciplined outpourings reminding me that sometimes this used to be my way of clarifying my thoughts, in the days before blogs or the internet or anything!

This is just the ‘modern’ way of doing it, with the added frisson of maybe connecting with like-minded souls. I am making horrendous mistakes, now doing the basic blogging course via WordPress to improve a bit, like not knowing how to embed images, find spellcheck etc.

But back to the main issue – who would I like to read this? People who think like me, natch. But what is that? People going through a rediscovery process, rediscovering the self that got lost in the day to day grind of everyday life; people who are more interested in ideas and thoughts than things; people with values around friendship, nonjudgmental people,people open to new ideas, people trying to simply their life to get to the core of what matters – knew if I rambled on enough I’d stumble on a truth!  That may even be my tag-line.

So if you think you may be like-minded and end up stumbling upon this, comment and let me know. I’m new, and raw, but keen to find my place in this amazing cornucopia of blogs!


One thought on “Who am I talking to?

  1. Good to have a fellow blogger with a similar outlook. I get that in the early days blogging can seem like a minefield, if you ever need any help then feel free to get in touch. I am still learning and its been over a year 😉 With warmth and wishes Up and Down the Rabbit Hole xx thank you for your support Katie xx


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